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Granular sturgeon caviar




Black Sturgeon granular caviar with eggs of medium size (1.5-2 mm), color from gray to black. Clean, lively, fresh taste, light walnut finish, delicate texture. Black granular caviar Standard subjected to heat treatment (pasteurization) – heating at a moderate temperature – 71°C.
Pasteurization allows you to extend the shelf life of eggs, while maintaining its taste and quality. Thanks to pasteurization shelf life of 24 months at a temperature of – 2 to -4°C. 40 grams of caviar enough for 2 small sandwiches – if you have not ate caviar and want to pamper yourself, a small jar of 40 grams – that’s exactly what you need!

Caviar ranges in quality and in cost, depending on the fish the roe is harvested from. In Russia, the quality of caviar is designated by the label color, with particular colors assigned to different species of the sturgeon family. To a discerning connoisseur, the blue label signifies the highest standard of quality, being true Ossetra caviar. Our ‘Blue Label’ line of malossol caviar is harvested from the roe of the prized Russian sturgeon.

Coveted for its roe of a dark black color, superior flavour and consistency, the Russian sturgeon has endured much overfishing and contraband exports. Russian Sturgeon Ossetra caviar is ecologically friendly, complies with the strictest of international regulations and is farmed with a view to ensure the continued existence of the species.