About Us

Sturgeon Black Caviar Company Canada

Based in Toronto, the Russian Black Caviar Company is Canada’s exclusive, legal distributor of premier brand Russian Caviar House (CITES-certified). We have been bringing the authentic Russian black caviar to Canada for over 10 years. Offering ethically-raised sturgeon from the clear waters of the River Suda, together with state-of-the-art facilities, the Russian Sturgeon Caviar has been produced as the very highest quality product. Surrounded by beautiful clean forest, Russian Black Caviar is free of GMO’s, pesticides, and other pollutants. Today, after long years of ceasing production and distribution of Black Russian Caviar, their doors have again opened as the sole distributor of Russian Sturgeon Caviar. Offering a highly sought-after product, the Black Caviar Company Canada offers a premium, authentic product for caviar connoisseurs and discerning consumers.

Russian Caviar House

Black Caviar House only offers the very highest quality Russian caviar, and is today the premier supplier of authentic Black Russian Caviar. Their caviar is acquired from Russia’s largest aquaculture company, “Diana”, who work tirelessly to ensure not only the preservation of sturgeon, but that our valued customers receive only the most ethical caviar. Their products are CITES-certified, which means they’re thoroughly inspected to ensure only the highest quality of caviar is produced. Top experts in this field select only the finest roe to ensure consumers receive only the very best caviar available.

What is “CITES”

CITES is an international concurrence between governments, and stands for “The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora”. This body has been set in place to ensure that the survival of wild animals and plants is not threatened by international trade. Basically, CITES is a voluntary international conservation agreement, with 180 parties currently having membership.

Our Sturgeon Production

Located in Kaduysky District, Vologda Region, Russia’s largest aquaculture sturgeon breeding company is Rybotovarnaya firma “Diana” LLC. Rybotovarnaya firma “Diana” LLC has been involved in the breeding of sturgeon species, including creating productive sturgeon brood stocks, for over 20 years. It’s from these stocks that we obtain sturgeon roe for fish breeding and food purposes, in addition to growing fish seed and fish products. Our company is actively involved in the conservation of sturgeon in order to not only preserve the gene pool of endangered and rare species of this variety of fish, but also to continue growing our own collection. We employ the most innovative technologies, and in collaboration with scientific research centres and various Russian and foreign institutions we keep our sturgeon as close as possible to their natural conditions, thus offering them maximum comfort.