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Russian Black Caviar:

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Based in Toronto, the Russian Black Caviar Company is Canada’s exclusive, legal distributor of premier brand Russian Caviar House (CITES-certified). Offering ethically-raised sturgeon from the clear waters of the River Suda, together with state-of-the-art facilities, our Russian Sturgeon Caviar always has been produced as the very highest quality product. read more

Our Best Sturgeon Caviar Available in Canada!

Russian Black Caviar is possibly the most famous and expensive delicacy in the world today, and we are extremely proud to be the first and only company distributing authentic Russian Black Caviar within Canada. Our partnership with Russian Caviar House allows us to provide our valued customers with top-quality 100% authentic Sturgeon Russian Caviar.

Sturgeon Caviar has been considered a luxury item for hundreds of years and has typically been consumed by society’s elite; however, today we see irresponsible fishing practices depleting some of the world’s caviar stocks. Not only is Black Russian Caviar a delicacy, it also provides many health benefits. Did you know that one serving of caviar provides at least half your recommended daily requirement of vitamin B-12? B-12 is required by the body to convert carbohydrates into energy. Besides also being a powerful antioxidant, caviar is a wonderful source of Omega 3 fats: the body utilizes Omega 3 fats to support a healthy immune system, in addition to providing beneficial amino acids and lowering blood pressure.

Varieties of Russian Black Caviar

 Russian Sturgeon Caviar has long been a chosen delicacy of aristocrats and food connoisseurs, and even though caviar can be purchased in supermarkets, those varieties are absolutely nothing like the real thing. Only 3 of the 400 species of sturgeon in the world today are used to obtain caviar, and these are Beluga (which inhabit the Caspian Sea), Oscierte (inhabiting the sea of Azov), and Sevruga (which inhabit the Black Sea).

4 Types of Russian Sturgeon Black Caviar:

Golden or Royal Caviar

Besides being the most expensive caviar, this one is the most difficult to obtain. In years gone by, Golden or Royal Caviar was set aside for the exclusive consumption of Manchurian emperors, Russian czars, and even the Vatican. In fact, until quite recently this caviar was reserved exclusively for the Sheik of Iran. It’s said that anyone caught eating Royal Caviar would be punished by having his right hand cut off!
No-one is entirely sure about the origin of Royal Caviar. Some believe it comes from Oscierte sturgeon aged more than 60 years and that the caviar becomes creamy and smooth and turns into a pale golden shade as it ages; however, others believe it comes from the albino Beluga or Oscierte sturgeon, where the caviar is an off-white colour. Because albino sturgeon are extremely rare the caviar produced is very expensive, but the albino caviar differs only slightly in taste from the pale Oscierte’s caviar.

Oscierte Sturgeon Caviar

 Oscierte Sturgeon Caviar (A gueldenstaedi) is probably the most interesting caviar in that it offers the widest range of caviar flavours, colours, and sizes. Caviar is produced when the sturgeon is between 12 and 15 years of age. When the fish are young the caviar is large and of a dark golden colour, but as the fish age the flavour becomes more tender and the colour of the caviar fades to light amber. Rumour has it that the fish become more intelligent as they get older and avoid fishermen by diving to the bottom of the sea, burying themselves in seaweed and mud. This evasive action changes the taste of both the sturgeon and its caviar.

Beluga Sturgeon (Hugo Husk)

 The Beluga sturgeon is both the biggest and only carnivore of the sturgeons. In fact, it’s so rare that there’s just 100-or-so Beluga sturgeon caught in the Caspian Sea each year. These sturgeons only start producing caviar when they mature at between 25 and 40 years of age. An interesting fact about the Beluga sturgeon is that the caviar it carries weighs about 25% of its body mass, and some sturgeon have been known to carry caviar weighing a whopping 50% of its mass! With shades of Beluga caviar varying from the most highly-valued light grey colour right through to almost black, this caviar is highly valued due to its fine shells and large granular eggs.

Sevruga Sturgeon (A Sellatus)

 The Sevruga Sturgeon starts producing caviar between 7 and 10 years of age; whilst caviar produced from Sevruga Sturgeon between the ages of 8 and 22 years is considered by foodies to be the best. It’s comparatively salty in taste, greyish black in colour, with a fine-grained structure. Connoisseurs love this particular variety of caviar because of its unique flavour. Fortunately, it’s quite common and comparatively the least expensive of caviars, simply because the Sevruga sturgeon is more common than others for acquiring caviar. And, of course, the Sevruga sturgeon start producing caviar at a quite young age.